awake surgeryの動画の英語要約


It is part of a documentary film "Adventure Asia" broadcasted at our
national TV- station ZDF in 2007/2008. The authors are specialists for
Asia, so its probably authentic material.
First, a drugstore for traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai is
presented, and the narrator mentions the growing influence of
traditional Chinese medicine in the western world. He says, a herbal
remedy was discovered treating malaria efficiently.
Then, a hospital in Pudang/Shanghai is shown, where TCM and western
medicine is combined, every third drug prescribed there is from TCM.
They meet a 45year old woman suffering from a vitium cordis (the exact
location of the malfunctioning valve is not mentioned) She and her
family decided for undergoing heart surgery without general anesthesia,
just with acupuncture for pain relief. The son explains the main reason:
Without general anesthesia, the costs for the procedure are reduced by
At the OT, a acupuncture with 6 needles is performed, and a mild
sedative is administered. Dr. Shen Wei Dong (?) explains the procedure,
with acupuncture of this 6 points, a complete anesthesia of the chest is
achieved, there are 5% of the population where this doesn't work, in
this case, they still need western anesthesia. He says the main
advantage of this method is that the vital functions aren't compromised.
The surgery is finished after ca 1 hour, and the doctor gives the old
valve to the husband as a souvenir. The valve was replaced by an
"artificial" one from abroad. (They don't say if it's a biological or
mechanical device.), and everything went well.
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